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{eac}Doojigger - A new path to rapid plugin development. A Powerful, extensible, multi-function utility and framework plugin for WordPress.

Includes security, encryption, debugging, shared traits, auto-loader, action-timer, and more.


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{eac}Doojigger by EarthAsylum Consulting is a multi functional and extensible plugin that provides existing extensions covering security, debugging/logging, encryption, session management, easy maintenance mode, administration tools, and more.

{eac}Doojigger is both a fully functional plugin and a framework (using shared/abstract code) supporting the easy creation of full featured...

  • Custom Derivative plugins. Build your own plugin using a strong, efficient, clean, foundation.
  • Custom Extensions to {eac}Doojigger (or derivatives). Add simple to complex extensions using the {eac}Doojigger extension framework.
  • Custom Extension Plugins. Load your custom extensions as their own WordPress plugin.

Rather than updating or customizing themes and functions, it is often better to isolate your custom code in a plugin or plugin extension so that code is not lost when the theme is changed or updated. Themes (parent or child) should only be used and customized with code pertinent to the look and feel of your site. Any code that should be retained after changing a theme belongs in a plugin or plugin extension. This keeps your code reusable and theme independent.

{eac}Doojigger makes theme-independent code easy to maintain...

...as a Derivative Plugin, as an Extension to {eac}Doojigger, or as an Extension Plugin.

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