{eac}Doojigger Base Plugin for WordPress

A new path to rapid plugin development. A powerful, extensible, multi-function architectural framework and utility plugin for WordPress. {eac}Doojigger streamlines the plugin development process and allows you to create professional-grade plugins in a fraction of the time.

{eac}Doojigger is a multi functional and highly extensible WordPress plugin that provides existing extensions covering file access, security, debugging, encryption, session management, maintenance mode, administration tools, and more.

{eac}Doojigger is not only a fully functional plugin, but more so, an architectural development platform enabling the effortless creation of full featured derivative plugins and extensions.

{eac}Doojigger Plugin Derivatives

Custom plugin derivatives of {eac}Doojigger (build your own plugin using a strong, clean, foundation)

{eac}Doojigger derivatives are easy to create, custom WordPress plugins built from the {eac}Doojigger abstract classes and traits.

{eac}Doojigger Custom Extensions

Custom extensions to {eac}Doojigger or derivatives (add simple to complex extensions using the extension framework)

eacDoojigger extensions are, relatively, small PHP classes that extend the main plugin. Typically they are created to address specific requirements for your website or business. An extension focuses on your requirements while having available the full plugin functionality of eacDoojigger.

{eac}Doojigger Administrator Options

Defining options (settings) in WordPress Administration used by {eac}Doojigger, derivative plugins, and extensions.

Options are an important part of any plugin or extension when you need to provide the administrator with the ability to set or choose some variable or alternative in your plugin.

{eac}Doojigger Providing Automatic Updates

{eac}Doojigger derivative plugins and custom extension plugins may provide automatic updating similar to WordPress-hosted plugins.

WordPress hosted plugins provide updating functionality automatically. Whenever a new version of a plugin is updated in the WordPress repository, update notifications are seen in your WordPress dashbord on the plugins page.

You can provide the same functionality with your externally or self hosted plugin with a few easy changes.

{eac}Doojigger Providing Contextual Help

Using contextual help in {eac}Doojigger derivative plugins and extensions.

To complete your plugin and improve support, provide contextual help using the {eac}Doojigger interface to standard WordPress help functions.

Adding contextual help to your plugin and extension is easy using the methods built into {eac}Doojigger… and when using the proper filter, you can ensure that your help content only shows on your plugin page or extension tab.

{eac}SimpleGTM Extension Plugin

{eac}eacSimpleGTM installs the Google Tag Manager (gtm) or Google Analytics (gtag) script, sets default consent options, and enables tracking of page views, site searches, content views, and, when using WooCommerce, e-commerce actions.

{eac}Doojigger How To

Using the methods, filters, and actions provided by {eac}Doojigger.