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{eac}MetaPixel installs the Facebook/Meta Pixel to enable tracking of PageView, Search, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout and Purchase events.

Also available from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or from your WordPress Dashboard, go to ‘Plugins‘ »  ‘Add New‘ and search for ‘EarthAsylum‘.


{eac}MetaPixel is an {eac}Doojigger extension which installs the Facebook/Meta Pixel and enables tracking of PageView, Search, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout and Purchase events when using WooCommerce.

What is the Meta Pixel?

The Meta Pixel is a piece of code on your website that can help you better understand the effectiveness of your advertising and the actions people take on your site, like visiting a page or adding an item to their cart. You’ll also be able to see when customers took an action after seeing your ad on Facebook and Instagram, which can help you with retargeting. And when you use the Conversions API alongside the Pixel, it creates a more reliable connection that helps the delivery system decrease your costs.

See Meta Pixel

To retrieve your pixel id, Go to Meta Events Manager → Data Sources → Your Pixel → Settings → Pixel ID. Copy your pixel id and paste it into the "Facebook Pixel ID" field of this extension's settings.

Pixel Events

  • Page Views
    • PageView events may occur on all pages or only pages that don't trigger another event.
  • Site Search
    • Search result pages.
  • Content View (archives)
    • Archive (category and tag) pages.
  • Content View (products)
    • Product pages.
  • Content View (commerce)
    • Product category, tag, and shop pages.
  • Content View (cart)
    • The shopping cart page.
  • Add To Cart
    • Buttons and links that add an item to the cart.
  • Initiate Checkout
    • The checkout page.
  • Purchase Completed
    • Purchase confirmation page. (a 'Purchase' event is registered as a 'Subscription' if the order includes a subscription, or as a 'StartTrial' if any subscription has a trial start date.)

Server Based Conversion API

Support for the Meta Conversion API to track purchase events directly from your server is included. When using the Conversion API, additional information will be passed through the api, including:

  • Customer name (hashed, non-decipherable)
  • Customer email address (hashed, non-decipherable)
  • Customer phone number (hashed, non-decipherable)
  • Customer billing address (hashed, non-decipherable)
  • Order/cart details (item, quantity, price)

Since Facebook gives priority to the browser pixel, the browser pixel is suppressed in favor of the conversion api so the conversion api may provide more information.

To enable the server conversion api, Go to Meta Events Manager → Data Sources → Your Pixel → Settings. Scroll to Conversions API → Set up manually.

Click the "Generate access token" link under the "Get Started" button. Copy the access token and paste it into the "Server Access Token" field of this extension's settings.

Note: Server events require a Meta Business Manager.

Advantage+ Catalog Ads

The Content View (products), Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, and Purchase Completed events meet the requirements for Advantage+ catalog ads.

  • content_type : 'product'.
  • content_ids : array of product ids (WooCommerce ID) e.g. [1174,1175].

The server Conversion API for purchases also includes:

  • contents : array of product details containing id (product sku), quantity, and item_price.

Domain Verification

You may, optionally, add the Facebook Brand Safety domain verification meta tag to your home page.

Go to Meta Business Settings → Brand Safety → Domains → Your Domain → Add a meta-tag, and copy just the content= string.

In this example:

    <meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="xyzzy1ndu84mmhaifl5gawo9ntafn8" />

We want only xyzzy1ndu84mmhaifl5gawo9ntafn8 copied and pasted into the "Domain Verification" field of this extension's settings.

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