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{eac}Readme loads and translates a WordPress markdown 'readme.txt' file providing shortcodes to access header lines and section blocks.

Also available from the WordPress Plugin Directory, or from your WordPress Dashboard, go to ‘Plugins‘ »  ‘Add New‘ and search for ‘EarthAsylum‘.


{eac}Readme is an {eac}Doojigger extension which loads and translates a WordPress markdown 'readme.txt' file providing shortcodes to access header lines and section blocks.

Shortcode Usage

The first used shortcode must indicate the file to load...

[eacReadme file='/docfolder/readme.txt']        # file is relative to the WordPress document root folder
[eacReadme content='/contentfolder/readme.txt'] # content file is relative to the WordPress content folder (wp-content/)
[eacReadme plugin='/pluginfolder/readme.txt']   # plugin file is relative to the WordPress plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/)
[eacReadme theme='/themefolder/readme.txt']     # theme file is relative to the WordPress themes folder (wp-content/themes/)
[eacReadme wpsvn='/slugname/trunk/readme.txt']  # load file from WordPress SVN repository
[eacReadme github='/owner/repository/main/readme.txt']        # load file from github repository

After which, headers and sections may be pulled from that file...

[eacReadme]All Headers[/eacReadme]              # parses all header lines
[eacReadme]headerName[/eacReadme]               # gets the value of the named header line

[eacReadme]All Sections[/eacReadme]             # parses all section blocks
[eacReadme]sectionName[/eacReadme]              # parses the content of the named section block
[eacReadme]sectionName/sub-section[/eacReadme]  # parses the content of the named sub-section within section block

One shortcode can do it all...

[eacReadme plugin='/pluginfolder/readme.txt']Document[/eacReadme]    # loads the file and parses the entire document

Or load the entire file as a single code block...

[eacReadme theme='/themefolder/functions.php']Code File[/eacReadme]

Shortcode Examples

Get header values...

[eacReadme]Donate link[/eacReadme]
[eacReadme]Requires at least[/eacReadme]
[eacReadme]Stable tag[/eacReadme]

Get unnamed segments...

[eacReadme]Title[/eacReadme]                    # gets the '=== plugin name ===' line (before headers)
[eacReadme]Short Description[/eacReadme]        # gets the short description (between headers and first section block)

Get section blocks...


Get multiple blocks and/or sub-sections...

[eacReadme plugin='/eacReadme/readme.txt']Short Description,Description[/eacReadme]
[eacReadme plugin='/eacReadme/readme.txt']Short Description,Description/Shortcode Examples[/eacReadme]

Get a file as a code block...

[eacReadme theme='//' lang='js']Code File[/eacReadme]
[eacReadme theme='//' lang='css']Code File[/eacReadme]

Other Options

Change the default cache time-to-live by adding to wp-config.php:

define('EAC_README_CACHE_LIFETIME',$seconds);   # default: 1-day (DAY_IN_SECONDS).

Override the default cache time-to-live

[eacReadme ttl=$seconds ...]                    # minimum: 1-minute (MINUTE_IN_SECONDS).

Set the default GitHub access token (for private repositories):


Set/override the GitHub access token

[eacReadme token=$token ...]

Override option to parse markdown when retrieving a segment

[eacReadme parse='true|false' ...]

Set class='language-*' on code blocks

[eacReadme lang='php|js|css|html' ...]

Translating Header/Section Names

Translate header/section names when retrieving All Headers, All Sections, or Document

[eacReadme translate='name=newname,...']
[eacReadme translate='Requires at least=Requires WordPress Version,Screenshots=Screen Shots']

Erase default translation table

[eacReadme translate='no|none|false']

Default translation table

    'Headers'               => 'Document Header',
    'Plugin URI'            => 'Homepage',
    'Stable tag'            => 'Current Version',
    'Requires at least'     => 'Requires WordPress Version',
    'Tested up to'          => 'Compatible up to',
    'Requires PHP'          => 'Requires PHP Version',
    'WC requires at least'  => 'Requires WooCommerce',
    'Requires EAC'          => 'Requires {eac}Doojigger',
    'Changelog'             => 'Change Log',
    'Screenshots'           => 'Screen Shots',

Readme Format

{eac}Readme expects a well-formed readme.txt file that follows the WordPress readme file standard...

=== title ===
header: value
header: value
short Description
== section ==
= sub-section =

...but supports some extensions to that standard:

  • Author & Author URI

    • Author header may be a simple name or a markdown link:
      • [Author](Author URI).
    • The Author & Author URI headers, if present, are combined as a markdown [Author](Author URI).
  • Homepage

    • Looks for Homepage or Plugin URI.
  • Version

    • Looks for Version or Stable tag.
  • Contributors

    • profileId - wordpress profile (standard)
    • - gravatar profile
    • profileId@wordpress - wordpress profile
    • profileId@gravatar - gravatar profile
    • profileId@github - github profile
    • [display name]( or [display name](
    • [display name](
    • [your name]((http://your/profile/url)
  • A "banner" section may be included between the top title line and the first header line.

    === title ===
    header: value
    header: value
    short Description
    == section ==
    = sub-section =
  • The header block may be enclosed in an html <header> or <details> tag, opening and closing each on a single line. These tags are ignored by the eacParseReadme parser but may be beneficial if posting your readme file elseware. See {eac}Readme on Github.

Note: these extensions are not supported by the WordPress Plugin Repository.

{eac}Readme supports standard markdown ( formatting for section identification.

  • === title === and ## title are equivalent
  • == section == and ### section are equivalent
  • = sub-section = and #### sub-section are equivalent

Output HTML

When retrieving the header block with ...

[eacReadme]All Headers[/eacReadme] or \eacParseReadme::getAllHeaders()

Or when retrieving all sections with ...

[eacReadme]All Sections[/eacReadme] or \eacParseReadme::getAllSections()

Or when retrieving the entire document with ...

[eacReadme]Document[/eacReadme] or \eacParseReadme::getDocument()

Additional html tags and classes are added, including wrapping blocks within a <details> tags, adding readme-* class names, and adding <a> anchor links.

WordPress Actions

3rd-party actors may load and use the parser class included in {eac}Readme...

    do_action('eacReadme_load_parser');     // loads \eacParseReadme static class
    if (class_exists('\eacParseReadme'))
        $html_document  = \eacParseReadme::getDocument();
        $title          = \eacParseReadme::getTitle();
        $version        = \eacParseReadme::getVersion();
        $donations      = \eacParseReadme::getHeader('donate_link');
        $description    = \eacParseReadme::getSection('description');

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