{eac}Doojigger: Base Plugin for WordPress

Powerful extensible multi-function utility plugin with encryption, debugging, security +more. Enables rapid development of derivatives and extensions.

{eac}Doojigger by EarthAsylum Consulting is a multi functional and extensible plugin that provides extensions covering security, debugging/logging, encryption, session management, easy maintenance mode, administration tools, and more.

{eac}Doojigger: Plugin Derivatives

Custom plugin derivatives of {eac}Doojigger (build your own plugin using a strong, clean, foundation)

{eac}Doojigger derivatives are easy to create, custom WordPress plugins built from the {eac}Doojigger abstract classes and traits.

{eac}Doojigger: Custom Extensions

Custom extensions to {eac}Doojigger or derivatives (add simple to complex extensions using the extension framework)

eacDoojigger extensions are, relatively, small PHP classes that extend the main plugin. Typically they are created to address specific requirements for your website or business. An extension focuses on your requirements while having available the full plugin functionality of eacDoojigger.

{eac}Doojigger: Administrator Options

Defining options (settings) in WordPress Administration used by {eac}Doojigger, derivative plugins, and extensions.

Options are an important part of any plugin or extension when you need to provide the administrator with the ability to set or choose some variable or alternative in your plugin.